The Project

This project was started in August 2012 with the goal to make it a litle bit easier for developers to use Raspberry Pi and Atmega in industrial and home equipment. We intend to sell this board with a very litle profit because it will most likely be expensive to produce. It will also be tested and marked with CE.

The exBoard 1.0 will have an Atmel Atmega2560 onboard which will handle all the IO. Onboard there will also be mountingholes and IO socket for a Raspberry Pi. Communikation between Atmega2560 and Pi is mainly through UART.

•4 RS232 Serialportspcb_connectors
•1 RS485/422 Serialport
•4 Relay output
•8 digital in optoisolated
•10 dip-switches
•All I/O transient ESD and EMI protected.
•RTC DS1307 with battery backup CR2032
•24V AC/DC input
•SD card slot
•Arduino shield compatible
•Raspberry PI mountingholes and connector
•Atmel Atmega 2560 with Arduino bootloader USB FT232RL
•Size: 184*128 mm

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